Külalak (On a lower level)
Interpreti/Main Actor
Zalan Makranczi, Diana Kiss Magdolna, Annamari Lang, Kalman Somody, Gergely Kocsis
Lingua/Language   Hungarian
Sottotitoli/Subtitles   Inglese
Produzione/Production   Julia Berkes (Hungary)
Anno/Year   2011
Durata/Running time   27' 13''
Balint Szentesi conduce la sua vita tra il lavoro e famiglia. Un giorno in cantina ritrova una sua poesia che non ricordava di avere scritto e che non solo lo scuoterŕ dalla routine quotidiana ma che gli porrŕ importanti interrogativi a cui lui si era sempre sottratto.
34 year old Bálint Szentesi does the seemingly superficial job of communication training during the daytime and dutifully spends time with his pregnant wife in the evening. One day, he finds a piece of paper with his handwriting in his basement. It's a poem he doesn't remember at all. Not only does it shift him out of his daily routine but also makes him realize that there are important questions he's never asked himself.